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wedding invitation wordingDepending on your situation in life at the time you choose wedding stationery sets, there will be a number of possible ways to word the invitations.
Young couples getting married for the first time may be having a traditional, large ceremony with many guests. One or both sets of parents may be helping financially and therefore their names would be added to the invitations. Of course you can add their names anyway if you wish.
At Sandpiper Wedding we have a few examples of various wording, but any invitation design can easily be changed to accommodate your particular family needs.


The bride’s parents are mentioned first.  Be formal and use Mr. and Mrs., or use first names.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ocean | Anna and John Ocean

invitation wording

Example of how to use both sets of parents names on wedding invitation

Invitation wording for divorced parents means mentioning them separately:
Ms. Anna Waters
Mr. John Ocean

If the divorced parents have re-married, include the step-parents (for bride, or bride and groom):
Ms. Anna Waters
Mr. and Mrs. John Ocean
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmoe
Mr. and Mrs. John Ocean

To include parents and /or families many invitations use this line at the top:
Together with their parents
Together with their families

wedding invitation wording

All inclusive “together with our families” is popular wording

A nice way to include the parents names relating to both the bride and groom is to do this:
Mr. and Mrs. John Ocean
(request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter)
Bride’s Name
Groom’s Name
son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sandborn

Another way to list the parents on the invitations is to have their names appear at the bottom of the invitation. Use a general “we invite” or similar at the top and then list both sets of names after all the invitation wording.


Blended families are the most common marriages these days and often the couple will want to include the children in their ceremony and also on invitations.

The parents and children of
“Bride” and “Groom”

The loving families of
“Bride” and “Groom”

This marriage celebrates the joyful union of
“bride” and “groom”
along with the blending of a beautiful family

However you choose to word your wedding invitations, remember that etiquette dictates that it is written as you would write a sentence and not every line will begin with a capital letter. Traditionally the date and time is spelled out, but modern, typography style offers a different approach. What do you, as a couple like? It’s your day, so feel free to change it up as you please!

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