How To Ask For Cash For Your Wedding

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Use Wishing Well Cards to Request Monetary Gifts

What if you’d prefer monetary gifts at your wedding? A wishing well card is used to politely ask for cash wedding gifts. Quite often brides and grooms have been dating for a long time. Many couples live together before the marriage ceremony, and it’s not unusual for couples to even buy a house together before they tie the knot.

Anyone who has already “set up housekeeping” will probably have plenty of items for the kitchen, and plenty of sheets, towels, dishes, and such. As the wedding day approaches they realize that setting up a gift registry will be difficult as their lives are already filled with “things”. Couples in this situation may be hoping for enough cash to take a beautiful honeymoon. Or they may have big home-improvements to make. For whatever the reason, it’s a fact that many engaged couples would like to find money or checks inside their wedding cards.

So how to do this in a tactful way? Create a cute “wishing well” card like the starfish one I’ve pictured here. Create your own cute saying, (or borrow one), and tuck the card into the wedding invitation (or shower invitation, if you want money for your shower). It should let guests know that you would prefer a gift of cash. BUT… it’s a good idea to not make this mandatory. Some guests may feel that it’s not right to ask for money, and offering a choice may make them feel better. You could also have a store registry, with that as another option.

This is the starfish couple collection to match the wishing well card above.

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