Gifts for the Wedding Party, Family Members and Wedding Guests

members of the wedding party

The Bride and Groom can expect to receive wonder wedding gifts, but at the same time, they have the obligation to also give gifts. The wedding party consists of bridesmaids and groomsmen and also Maid-of-Honor and Best Man. Ring bearers, flower girls and ushers are also considered part of the wedding party in a traditional wedding. The Wedding Party Glossary at The Knot website has a comprehensive list of wedding party participants and their role as such.

The Newlyweds will have a lot of people to thank, and some of them should also receive gifts. Our Sandpiper Wedding shop creates unique and personal personalized bags for the bridal party. Hats and tees for family members, and destination welcome bags for guests. We also make favor bags, gift tags, stickers and candy tins with templates for easy personalization.

Writing a heart-felt thank-you note is all that is required in some cases. For the ones who went above and beyond to help make your day so special, more is needed.

Timeline for Giving Gifts to the Wedding Party Members

The wedding party members will get their gifts sometime before the wedding takes place. If the gifts are something that will be used on the day of the wedding, sooner than later may be better. For instance, if the gals will be getting jewelry to wear on the big day, they need to receive it before they run out and buy something themselves.

A Bridesmaids luncheon or tea, which is given by the bride to celebrate her best friends, would be the ideal time.

The wedding shower or bridal shower is another time when everyone would be together. A “Jack and Jill” shower for the couple would be the opportune time for gifting the men and women (and children, if in attendance) in the wedding.

The Rehearsal Dinner, which takes place a day or two before the wedding, is another opportunity to thank everyone for their sacrifice of time, money, and effort.

In other words, whenever you will get together with the people receiving the gifts, it would be appropriate to thank them.

Need ideas for unique and usable gifts for the bridesmaids? The Knot lists some which are fun and original in the article 50 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas.

Gifts for Family Members and Wedding Guests

The father-of-the-bride may love wearing a hat that identifies him as such. The brother-of-the-groom might like a fun tee announcing the fact. Mothers could carry bags announcing their status as “mother of the groom / bride”. These are the types of gifts family members may appreciate.

father of the bride hat

Bride’s Dad ball cap with embroidery.

brother of the groom tee

Use this custom t-shirt and create a gift for the “Brother of the Groom / Bride”

Our t-shirts have templates and can easily work for any member of the bride’s or groom’s family. “Brother of the Groom” can also read: “Cousin of the Bride” because the top and bottom lines of text are templates.

Wedding guests will undoubtably receive favors at the reception. Favors are usually a small token of appreciation. If the event has required guests to travel an exceptionally long way – such as a Hawaiian beach wedding when most everyone lives in New England – a nice welcome gift would be appropriate.

A filled bag left in a hotel room would certainly be appreciated. We sell personalized welcome bags, and all that remains to be done is find useful (and local to the destination) presents to put inside.

palm trees wedding welcome bag

Entwined Palm Trees Wedding Welcome Bag

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