Dressing the Groom For a Beach Wedding

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Dressing the Groom

If you’ve been looking around at beach wedding apparel ideas you may have seen the large number of grooms dressed in light khaki pants with white shirts.  It seems to be a popular color combination for the guys.  Light colors on a beach are a good idea, but there are other options besides tan and white.  Any neutral color would be fabulous combined with other bright tropical colors.  The tropics contain some of the most colorful wildlife.  The exotic flowers are vividly colored and pair well with any neutral shades.

hawaiian floral ties

Hawaiian floral ties are perfect for the Groom and his Groomsmen

So typically what I’ve found (in photos) is the guys dress in light colored pants, usually light khaki or tan with white shirts.  The ties (if worn), and boutonnieres will reflect the color theme of the wedding.  Add a vest and / or jacket and there are more choices.  White pants, white shirt and colored vest or jacket could work.  Add a pattern of stripes or checks to the shirt or outer layers and you have another look.

Navy blue is popular for seaside weddings and a dark jacket would add more formality to the ceremony.  Or dress him in gray or beige, with hot pink or aqua blue tie or shirt.  In fact for more casual attire, forget the ties and have the guys wear tropical themed t-shirts or button downs.

Do you like ties or bow ties?  How about suspenders?  Will he wear flip flops, sandals or slip-on loafers?  If you like a formal jacket, choose nautical cufflinks. Little elements add a lot and it’s really up to each couple to combine the style they love with comfort.

Think about the time of year and the location of the wedding.  Could it be cool on the beach?  If it’s mid-summer the answer is probably no.  But in winter months, in some locations, the day may not be hot.  Take the wind into consideration as well, and the time of day.  Will they wear long sleeves or short?  Give them a jacket or just a shirt?  A late afternoon or early evening wedding means partying into the night.  Will the groom and his groomsmen be comfortable all those hours?  And consider how the wedding photos will look.  It’s all important.

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