Cute Sayings to Thank The Flower Girl and Her Parents

Cute Sayings to Thank The Flower Girl and Her Parents

The big day is over, but the memories remain. And oh… all those “thank you” cards to write! This post is about thanking the Flower Girl. It may work as a good wording sample for the little Ring Bearer as well, with a few minor changes.

You will want to thank the Flower Girl (and her parents) with a special card, or note. It can be daunting to come up with something more personal to say than “thanks so much”. This page will give you ideas for making that note truly show your appreciation for the time, effort and money spent.

The little Flower Girl who took part in your wedding was most likely feeling very grown up that day. She, no doubt, added beauty to the wedding ceremony and may even have added a special something that was very unexpected.

Some children will be thrilled at the IDEA of being in a wedding, but when that big day comes and they see all those faces watching from along the aisle, they have second thoughts! Others will be undaunted.

Whichever way your Flower Girl behaved, you must show your appreciation to her, and especially her parents.
At Sandpiper Wedding we have some cute photo cards like the one here, that can be personalized with a picture. Wouldn’t she love to see how she looked while doing her bit at the ceremony?

All that is needed is some special “thank you” message printed inside. The note to the Flower Girl and Bridesmaids can be from the Bride or from the couple.
Don’t know what to say? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • “Thank you for adding a special beauty to our wedding day.”
  • “You did the best job ever tossing those petals down the aisle.”
  • “I (or We) had the prettiest flower girl there has ever been.”
  • “When I watched you walk down the aisle in front of me, I was no longer nervous. You did such a great job!”
  • Mention something she did or said that made you laugh, or cry happy tears.

The same ideas can be used to thank the Ring Bearer, only give it a masculine spin. Use words such as handsome, brave, funny (boys love to be funny), and perfect.

To include a message to the parents, begin the text with “be sure to tell mom and dad”… that you were the best Flower Girl ever!

Or send a totally separate “thank you” to the parents.

Need more ideas for wording thank-you cards? We have a page right here on this blog to help you out! Or check out some sample wording for wedding invitations and RSVP cards.

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