After the Ceremony Rehearsal, Who Comes to the Dinner?

After the Ceremony Rehearsal, Who Comes to the Dinner?

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Beach weddings tend to be more casual than most weddings, but not always. I’ve seen photos of rows of white chairs set up in the sand meaning there will be many attendees, and at other times there are no chairs at all. Some brides dress in traditional white, flowing gowns and others choose a little, tropical sundress. Like all weddings, the day should reflect the likes of the couple.
One tradition will probably be followed no matter what the size of the wedding. A rehearsal will take place the day before the ceremony. Everyone needs to know exactly what to do during the big day. And afterwards, the wedding party, parents and family members will attend the rehearsal dinner. It does not have to be a big, fancy affair, but getting everyone together in a relaxing atmosphere may calm nerves.
So what is the correct etiquette for inviting people to the rehearsal dinner? Everyone who attends the rehearsal should be invited. That includes the officiant, musicians, readers, wedding party, and such. Include the parents of the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer if you have them as part of the service.   If relatives or friends have flown in to attend the wedding, the rehearsal dinner may be a great way to include (and thank) them.  Yes, the rehearsal dinner can get quite large and expensive.
If the parents of the bride are paying for the wedding, the parents of the groom should host the rehearsal dinner. These days, many couples pay for their own weddings, and that may include the cost of the rehearsal dinner.
To keep within a budget, think about hosting a beach themed “after the rehearsal” event. It doesn’t even have to be held right after the rehearsal. If you’d rather not feel rushed to head home and get your beauty rest for the big day, plan to have the- dinner / BBQ / clam bake -a few days before, or on the previous weekend.

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