Celebrate as Mr. and Mrs. After The Destination Wedding

If you are wondering how to celebrate once becoming “Mr. and Mrs.” at your destination wedding, here is some advice.

Having a wedding far from home can mean that many of your friends and family members won’t be there. If a destination wedding has always been your dream don’t let that stop you from planning an island wedding. Many couples have friends and family members who can’t make the long distance trip to see you exchange wedding vows. For a variety of reasons, they will miss the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate the occasion.

Having an “after the wedding” gathering can be just as nice as any reception that immediately follows a wedding ceremony. In fact it gives you time to enjoy a few days or weeks as mr. and mrs. on your honeymoon location with a big party back home to look forward to.

If you are paying for your wedding yourselves, you might want to plan the party before you head off to get married, or ask some family members to take care of the plans while you are gone. There are many ways to handle having a post-wedding celebration and the party could also be planned as a nice surprise for the newlyweds.

Unlike receptions that take place following the ceremony, this type of reception can be much more casual and without all the fuss of a normal reception. Many guests will not have had experience with this type of reception so be prepared to answer some questions when they “rsvp” unless you specify on the invitation itself what is expected as far as gifts, dress or type of party.

You can’t say, “please bring gifts” but you can say, “no gifts please” if that is how you want it. Unless you do mention that gifts are not required, you will probably receive gifts. If the occasion will be very casual, be sure to mention that so guests won’t come all dressed up and feel out of place.

The card below was created for an after-the-wedding party and includes a place for adding a photo from your wedding or honeymoon along with many lines of text on the back to include reception information.
Seaside Photo, After the Wedding, Party Invitation invitationSeaside Photo, After the Wedding, Party Invitation invitation
Seaside Photo, After the Wedding, Party Invitation

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