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Working at Zazzle, with tutorials and sharing updates and information.

photo sticker for Christmas

Beach Christmas Photo Template Sticker, How to Center a Photo

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This beach Christmas photo template sticker comes in two sizes: 1.5 inch and 3 inch. The wording will be easier to read on the larger sticker. Use it on the back of the envelope when sending beach-themed or tropical Christmas cards.

photo sticker for Christmas
Square Photo Sticker, Beach Christmas Theme

A tropical beach scene of ocean water at the sandy shore is the background for two areas of custom text. I am loving the new fonts that are now available to use at Zazzle and this new sticker shows the modern, handwritten style of Revellyna font. All you need to do is type your choice of wording into the text template lines on the product page.

Add a photo – horizontal (landscape) photos work best – with the focus subject as close to the center as possible. If your photo is not centered, read on. I will explain on this page how to move a photo template. The photo can be moved left or right by the customer in the “customize” area, and it’s easy to do. (You will not be able to move it up and down on this sticker).

change the photo
Change the photo by uploading your own.

How to Center Your Photo Template

Use the “change” button in blue to upload your own photo into the template area, replacing the sample photo seen. In my example I have added the black and white photo of a couple, but it is slightly too far to the right.
If your photo needs to be centered, use the “click to customize further” link beneath the photo template area.

The design page below is what you will see in the customize section. It may look overwhelming, but it’s easy to move the photo and make it centered on the sticker. Follow the steps outlined here.

how to move a photo template
Click on the photo in the list and then move it with the arrows.

On the design page, find your photo in the “text and images” section to the right. Click on it. Then go to the lower left side of the page and use the toggle arrows to move the photo left or right.

Once the photo looks good – keeping it within the circle – click the “done” button at the top of the page and it will take you back to the product page where it can be purchased.

finished sticker photo template
Photo is changed and moved into center position.

Be sure to change the text as you wish, with your own signature, and choose the size sticker needed. I recommend the larger, 3 inch size.
Because I have made the template with a horizontal sample photo, there will only be room to move the image side to side. If you use a vertical photo, use one with the subject in the center, or contact me ( and I’ll fit it in for you.

This tutorial for fitting a photo into a template will work for any photo template, on any type of product, at the Zazzle site.

Looking for more tropical Christmas items? We have Christmas cards and custom postage stamps in tropical designs.

zazzle custom wedding designs

Wedding Invitations and Matching Products Made by Zazzle Designers

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After the ring and the “I Do!” it’s time to begin the planning. Large or small, weddings are events that cause great stress and take massive amounts of time to coordinate. The invitations are usually an important part of that planning. The invitation, or more likely “save the date” cards, will be the first impression guests see. The paper is going to set the stage for the upcoming event.
starfish couple wedding invitation set

The internet contains many, many places to find wedding invitations of all types. Some offer upscale foil or letterpress printing. Typography is big these days and unique lettering can add charm and interest. Invitations come in all shapes and sizes and at many price points. I dare say you can find paper in any theme imaginable. If your preference is plain and simple, minimalist, or black and white, you will find those too.

My stores, including Sandpiper Wedding, are run through Zazzle. I talk about this more on my About page. Many professional designers create wedding suites in association of Zazzle, and Zazzle offers specialty paper as beautiful as any found online.

I decided to write this blog post for those people who have never heard of Zazzle, or didn’t realize they offer wedding suites. Zazzle is known as the best place to find customizable designs. Combine custom options with beautiful designs and couples can create invitations or entire sets with their own wording. See the finished product on the screen before you buy.

plumeria wedding

Matching Products Offered in Zazzle Wedding Suites

Zazzle’s product list grows almost daily. Wedding suites can offer almost any product needed for wedding planners, from save-the-date cards and “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” cards to thank-you notes for guests and members of the wedding party.

Invitations (come in 8 sizes, 6 corner options, and 12 paper types, with two options for printing (standard or high-definition). But this paper is not only for “invitations”. The paper works for more than invitations. The small size, 3.5 x 5 inches, is considered perfect for RSVP cards.

Here we go. This comprehensive list will give an idea of what can be customized to match any wedding suite on the Zazzle site. I don’t believe any other online site offers such a wide variety of customizable products that match.

Most Popular Items

RSVP cards and Details / Directions cards / Enclosure cards
Rehearsal dinner invitations
Save-the-Date (invitation paper, postcards, or glossy photo card paper)
Specialty envelopes, decorated to match the theme
Address labels and Stickers (many shape options)
Postage stamps – with text / and sometimes photos
Thank you cards – flat cards, folded notes
Ceremony Programs
Reception seating cards – escort, table number, place cards – flat or tented
Menu templates – many sizes and paper types
Seating chart posters
Guest book
Table signs
Wine Labels

As well as this big list of products, any product on Zazzle can be customized as you please. Most wedding designers expect to be contacted by the customer, especially if they need matching products. Designers can only guess at what couples will need and fill wedding collections with the most popular products.

Other Personalized Products to Use For Weddings

Favors: Mint tins, favor bags, key rings, and luggage tags
Welcome bags for destination weddings
Gift Tags
Can and Bottle Coozies – great for a shower or pre-wedding party
LED Candles, come in 3 sizes
Private wedding announcements (Reception only invitations)
Paper goods – plates, cups and napkins
Ties for the Groom and Groomsmen
Ball caps
T-shirts (Bridal party, Bachelorette party)

photo beach wedding invitation

How to Use Photo Templates on the Zazzle Site

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Everyone loves personalized gifts and cards. Zazzle photo templates show up on all products from stationery to gifts and home goods. If the designer adds a template, for text and / or photos, it means the customer can easily change what shows in that sample template to wording and / or a photo of their own! It’s pretty cool, and very easy for anyone to do.

Zazzle is a print-on-demand company and they are known for easy customization of products. One of the best things we can do as designers, who are affiliated with Zazzle, is to create templates and therefore make customization super easy.

zazzles photo template
Change a product and make it your own using text and photo templates

We create mock-ups, or samples of products (like the one on the left above), so customers can get an idea of how the finished product may look. This looks better than a blank card / invitation / gift. It gives the customer a good idea of how the product will look in reality – with a photo and wording.

I hope the customer will think, “Let me add my beautiful photo and make that card look even better!” It is exciting to see a card printed with a personal family photo or picture of a new baby. This is why Zazzle is so successful – they do it better than anyone.

Zazzle’s photo templates are fun to use and are a big part of designing for the company. But I sometimes wonder if all customers instinctively know what they are and how to use them. Customers have contacted me needing help, and it’s one reason I decided to write this page.

There is no reason to be intimidated when faced with a template product. Zazzle is full of products ready to customize and it’s fun to create your own item!

Let’s see how it’s done.

New Zazzle Photo Templates Tutorial

I wrote a page about templates a few years ago, but Zazzle has upgraded their design tool, so here is the new photo template tutorial.

Once you understand how to change the photo, the text is even easier.

The templates, or photo holder areas, will be pre-sized and your photo will be added to that spot.  The picture you add may not fit exactly, but it will take up the entire area.  Usually only a slight cropping of the edges will happen and will be unnoticeable. 

Once you find the perfect product, on the product page to the right, is a template area. There may be a lot of templates showing (as in a wedding invitation or program), or only one. Templates will only show up if the designer of the product has created them.

photo templates change
Templates are under the blue “Personalize” button

The text templates will show up first, so scroll down to find the little photo image and the “Change” button. It’s always best to use a photo that has the subject as close to the center as possible. You may also choose to crop your own images before uploading, and that is fine.

zazzle photo templates beach wedding invitation
Replace the sample photo on this beach wedding invitation with your own

My example is a beach wedding invitation with a horizontal (landscape) photo of the couple at the top. That sample photo will need to be replaced with one belonging to the purchaser.

change photo template

The buyer will select a horizontal photo from their personal photo collection and add it to the template. Always select a photo that is oriented the same – horizontal or vertical – as the sample image. Most of my templates are set to “fill” the template area. That means there will be no awkward blank spaces or edges showing where they shouldn’t. Your photo will fill the same area as the sample picture in the template.

Let’s pretend that is my personal photo below (it is not, it’s a public domain image) and I have replaced the first photo with my own. Now my photo shows where the sample one was. Looks good huh?

zazzle photo template tutorial
Now a new photo is in the template area, and it’s time to customize the text.

Once you love the look of your own photo, which will be printed on the end product, fill in each text template line with your preferred text. Choose the paper and edge shape and add to cart! Check the Zazzle website for sales and discounts and receive bulk order discounts as well if ordering 25 or more of these cards.

If you would like to make further changes to the item, the “click to customize further” button can be found at the very bottom of the template area.

customize further photo template

If you choose to customize further, some options may be: 1. Changing the fonts and / or font size and / or color of text. This can be done in the section beneath the product. 2. Remove design elements. An example would be to remove the starfish on this product. To delete an element, click the “X”. 3. Change background color. This can only happen if the background is a solid color and not covered with an image. This is not an option on this sample product unless the background scene is deleted first.

Also, sometimes a photo needs to be moved and / or re-sized to fit the template. The customer can do this if they go into the design tool area. See how to move a photo.

design tool zazzle

Click the “Done” button in the top right-hand corner to get back to the ordering page.

Often the design tool is too much for a customer to navigate, and I would rather make the changes they need myself. Contact me and I will make all the changes you need.

This simple beach wedding photo invitation is part of the “By the Sea” design set at Sandpiper Wedding. Click the link to see it and more matching items to customize.

Other Products That Have Photo Templates

Almost every product Zazzle sells can include a photo template – if the designer of the product decides to do so. And a customer can start from scratch and create their own as well.

Couples love the option to share photos on all types of wedding stationery. From ceremony invitations to thank you cards, adding a picture will make the item that much more personal.  Photos can set the mood and they incorporate the theme of the event. 

Engaged couples often hire a professional photographer to take pre-wedding engagement photos. When the designer creates a photo template on products, that photo can be added to save-the-date announcements, postage stamps, wedding programs, and table number cards – to name a few!

Sometimes I create cards with more than one photo template. Our multi-photo thank you cards have five photo templates, and each one will behave as the example on this page.

Weddings are not the only time photo sharing takes place. Christmas cards are also fun to send with more than one photo. Big families especially love to use our multi-photo Christmas cards and New Years greetings.

happy new year custom photo card
Multi-photo Happy New Year greeting for a big family

Some products will allow the photo to move either up and down, or side to side, like on this photo sticker. It depends on how the designer sets up the template.

If the product does not have the space to create a large, movable template, the customers photo will fill the template and will not be movable. Remember, what you see on the preview page is exactly how the item will print.

Need more help? Contact me at:

photo template wrapping paper
This wrapping paper has 2 photo templates!

How to Change Background Colors

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Many items we sell at Sandpiper Wedding are easy to customize in all ways. Use text templates to write your own invitations and messages. Photo templates are ready to be filled with your personal photos. Invitations offer paper upgrades and edge shapes. In addition to all this, often the background color of our items can be changed. Sandpiper Wedding operates through the Zazzle site, and recent changes have made it easier for customers to work with color options.

It will not be possible to change the background color if the color is part of the design. Any graphic background with a pattern, stripes, or shades of color, cannot be changed. But, it may be able to be deleted and a custom color added. If you are in the middle of changing something and don’t like what you’ve done, simply refresh the page to go back to the original product.

aqua blue wedding invitations
Click the blue “customize it” button to change this aqua blue to another color.

custom zazzle colors
The first color customize option grid. You’ll see this after clicking the blue “customize it” button.

color grid
Top: Click on any color in the grid. OR When the color view is expanded, a custom color can be selected by adding a Hex code, or moving the selector button.

I’m always happy to make any changes for you, but this tutorial may help you customize easily on your own.

How to Center Text at Zazzle

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center or align text
How to Align Text
I’m writing this “how to center text” tutorial in response to a review left by one of my customers. She bought the custom Seaside Garden invitations, and apparently changed the color herself, which is great, as everything is customizable. But then she said this: “I also wish when designing the card, there was a way to make sure everything was centered without doing it manually and just guessing.” Well, there is a way to do that!

Since I have no way to respond to her, I decided to address the issue here.
For those who decided to re-create an invitation, or any item with custom text, using the current template means the text is automatically centered. The designer should have made sure of that before posting the product for sale.
If the sample text is removed, and new text added by the customer, there is a simple way to assure it is centered. This goes for new images also. I can only assume my customer was trying to add her own text and then line it all up correctly. I wish she had contacted me for help.
how to customize
Begin with the blue “customize it” button. Choose which side – front or back – of the product you’d like to work on first. Clicking the button brings you to the editing area. To add some text of your own and then center it, choose “add text” and align it – in the “arrange” area by choosing “horizontally” or “vertically” in the drop down menu – see first image above.
how to do fonts tutorial
Also, to further align wording here are some tips. If you want your text directly in the center of the paper, use the center of the “cross” button as seen above. Little arrows around that icon can also move text. The little black lines give the option to align the text in the center, or line it up to the left or right. The “f” icon will bring up a list of fonts that can be used. The numbers you see are for the font size.

If all this is too much to take in, contact the designer and ask for help. Then you will quickly have it done correctly. In my store I will get back to you within the day – in most cases.
Visit Sandpiper Wedding’s profile on Pinterest.