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fall leaves bag

Fall Wedding 2017 Ideas for Invitations and Matching Stationery

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fall themed wedding invitation
Fall Trees Wedding Invitation by Willow Tree Prints
It may be too late to plan a fall wedding but the invitations and matching stationery here may help with party planning or the sending of thank-you cards.

fall leaves thank you cards
Fall Leaves Thank-You cards by Jinaiji

At Zazzle, there are many beautiful autumn themed items. Zazzle’s wedding invitations keep pace with quality products found anywhere. Many designers come up with spectacular fall designs for many occasions, and not just weddings.

fall save the date postcards
Fall “Save Our Date” postcards by FallColors

Custom welcome bags are popular with couples who want to greet guests as they arrive at a destination wedding event. Below is a cute, two leaf bag with text templates.

fall leaves bag
Fall Destination Wedding Welcome Bag

bohemian feathers wedding

Our Popular Wedding Designs Include More Than Beach Themes

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Although this site is dedicated to the beach wedding planner, we operate online stores which sell many other designs. Our popular wedding designs include realistic and stunning succulents, beautiful hydrangea flowers, new Bohemian designs, and even unique artwork. Many of these popular designs can be found in our BlueHyd store.
succulent wedding

Express your individuality by choosing a wedding stationery design which is set apart from the usual. We strive to create the most unique and lovely cards and matching paper for the couple who is far from ordinary.

More Popular Wedding Suites

Click on the images to view the entire set.
Blue hydrangea wedding

Due to the fact that there are many products at the Zazzle site, with more being added constantly, it can be difficult to keep up with the designing. Many of our collections will showcase the most popular items brides and grooms want. Due to the large array of products, some items will not be included. When a request is made, I do reply quickly. Be as specific as possible with a request, and I will get the products made as soon as possible.
bohemian feathers wedding

Furthermore, if you come across an item that needs a theme change, I can do that as well, as long as it’s in my store. If you have questions relating to design, be sure to ask.
orange wedding, artistic floral design
Please remember that I am able to make paper plates, cups and favors to match any designs in my stores. Paper goods that are customizable work well for showers and parties.

fall wedding stationery
“Back Road” Fall Wedding Set

red poppy wedding

Red Poppies Designer Wedding Stationery Set

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red poppy wedding invitation set
Red Poppy Designer Wedding Stationery -Click to View

Bright red poppies make up our newest, Spring 2017, wedding design. Stunning color on a white background with black text is classic and also modern, with fun font styles and wording.

Customize invitations, reply and enclosure cards, and even gift bags for the bridal party, or to welcome guests to a weekend wedding event.

Poppies are also coveted for a bohemian (boho) celebration, as they are field flowers that bob their shiny bright blooms among the grass.

The red poppy wedding collection contains cards and invitations for events other than weddings. And the line will include home decor items as well. We are just getting started, and will be adding much more to this beautiful collection.

tropical lagoon blue ocean

Lagoon Blue, The Color of the Sea As They Say “I Do”

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The lagoon blue color is meant to match a tropical sea. Lagoons and turquoise ocean water come to mind when picturing a wedding in the tropics. Designers try very hard to mimic the unique, tropical colors found in the sea. It is used in all areas of wedding planning. From dresses for the bridesmaids, to wedding invitations, the correct color will immediately catch the eye of a buyer.

lagoon blue wedding collection
Click to view the Collection

A few years ago Pantone chose “lagoon blue” as one of it’s prominent design colors. At Sandpiper Wedding we adopted it to create a collection of wedding invitations and matching stationery. It’s more of a green color than blue, but the thought process is to picture a lagoon which contains a lot of green. In the tropics, green water inherently twinkles with some blue. It’s all so pretty, and there are truly hundreds of shades.

Our line of stationery done in this color is still popular after all this time. White plumeria flowers (you may call them frangipani), and white starfish, or sea stars in pure white work well with lagoon blue. The collection is large, and today a plumeria tie was added (shown below).

Hawaiian flowers tie
New Item: White Plumeria Tie

Grooms will look sharp in a floral tie. The green and white also work nicely with khaki and white, colors often chosen to dress the groomsmen.

Ties are not limited to the guys. Some women love ties too. The groom may have to share this one with his new bride.

tropical ocean water
May You Find Your Own Blue Lagoon

And just for fun….. I’ve never had a Blue Lagoon Cocktail, but it sounds delicious.
blue lagoon cocktail
(Thanks to the talented artists and photographers at the Pixabay (free public domain images) site for the tropical images on this page.

Our Tropical Address Christmas Labels, Stickers and Seals

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Our starfish and ocean scene address labels are best sellers, but we also offer Christmas labels with a tropical theme. (This one works for every season!)

starfish ocean address labels
Starfish Couple Return Address

Sorry if you don’t really want to think about the holidays, but this is a simple and inexpensive purchase, and it will add panache to your end of year outgoing mail. In only a few months we will begin to celebrate the Christmas season. It comes earlier each year, and can’t be ignored.

starfish tropical christmas labels
Starfish and Holly

The labels come in three sizes. One is a large shipping label, but the other two can be used as return address. Skinny labels are quite popular, but the medium size labels may work better for those who have a longer address, such as a condo or apartment number. Use four lines, if needed, and don’t let the text get too close to the edge. As is true for almost every product at Zazzle, there is a “bleed line” where the edge can get cut off.
tropical shipping
Jungle Leaves

Looking for something rather non-traditional? Use round and square address stickers to use as envelope seals. Include a Christmas message, as in the round sticker below. All text, including the curved wording at the top and bottom, is easy to change. Or delete it if you prefer no message.
round return address Christmas tropics
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The labels come in three sizes and the stickers offer more options. Each product page gives a good description of what is available. Just click on any of the products above. Or visit our TROPICAL ADDRESS LABELS collection, or our HOLIDAY ADDRESS LABELS collection.

black and white wedding

Why Elegant Black is a Good Choice for a Wedding Theme

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Elegant black and white is a good choice for any wedding. Keep it simple and pleasing to all by choosing a neutral wedding theme. Black and white wedding stationery conveys a simple style. It’s also a unique choice for a wedding, and especially so for a beach themed event.

Imagine not having to match colors. Imagine not looking like everyone else who has chosen the more popular aquas and turquoises.

Every item in our BLACK AND WHITE COLLECTION also works perfectly on it’s own. From the photo postage stamps, to the monogrammed mint tins, each item can be paired with any other color and fit right in.