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Invitations to the wedding ceremony.

modern typography beach wedding invitations

Fun Typography Wedding Invitations With Palm Trees and Beach Sand

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Create a wedding invitation with fun typography. Click the images below and try out the templates to see how your information will appear.

The look of modern typography adds to the casual elegance of the palm trees wedding invitation in sepia tones. A deep gray-brown solid background is paired with light gray text. Combining various rustic and tall printed fonts brings the date of the event to the forefront.

For a full view of the palm trees used on the front, flip the card over to see the image in light blue.

palm trees typography wedding invitation
Typography Sepia Palm Tree Invitation – Click Image to Buy

Scenic beach images make wonderful backgrounds to custom text. I use these free, public domain images often in my designs. Usually only a portion of the photo is needed, or I change the color / transparency. Creating something unique is what I work hard to accomplish. Now that I live in Florida again, I can even use my own photography for beach-themed designs.

The beautiful blue-green water just hitting the shore adds color to the top of the front of this card. Because the color is so perfect for a beach wedding, I chose to fill the reverse side with the same color. It appears that the back is simply an image of ocean water.

typography beach wedding
Big Names and Starfish Invitation

These affordable wedding invitations will absolutely stun the invitee. Specialty paper, such as “champagne shimmer” is a favorite of buyers. The edges of the paper need not be boring either. Paper cuts include notched corners, bracket shape, rounded corners and scalloped.

These new designs will be getting some matching stationery, but in the mean time please contact me for specific items. We have RSVP cards, custom postage and address labels to work with, and they can all be designed to match anything in our Sandpiper Wedding store.

If fun lettering is not really your thing, perhaps a photo invitation is more your style?

beach wedding photo invitation

How to Center A Photo In An Oval Photo Template Invitation

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A photo of the bride and groom can be included in this custom, square invitation (also round is offered). The picture will need to be centered in the oval frame at the top of the card. For those who need help, I will show you how to center a photo in an oval photo template.

photo template beach wedding invitation
Add a photo of the couple to this invitation.

A beautiful image with palm trees and turquoise sea water is the background for custom wording. In my sample invitation, the first names of the bride and groom are all that’s listed. If you would like the wording changed please contact me.

How to Add Your Photo to the Invitation

If this is the invitation for you, a personal photo must be added to the template. In most cases adding a horizontal (landscape) photo to the template will be enough. If the couple’s image is in the center of the photo, it will show in the oval frame.

If you need help changing the photo, please read How to Use Zazzle Photo Templates.

If You Need to Center Your Photo

If your uploaded photo is not showing the two of you in the center of the oval frame, a little more work is needed. You have two choices:

1. Contact me and send me your photo via e-mail, which I will add and center for you.
2. Follow my short tutorial here and center your photo yourself.

To move your photo within the template, click the link beneath the photo template area on the invitation product page. See the yellow circle in the image below.

For vertical (portrait) photos or uncentered subjects the customer may need to use the design tool. This means going to another page that designers use to create the templates.

how to center a photo in oval photo template
Make the photo look good

Once the design tool page comes up (image below), find the module on the right which holds your photo and click on it.

photo wedding invitation

The chosen photo will be outlined against the card. Now, go down to the left-hand corner of the page and use the toggle to move the photo right, left, up or down. It can be made larger or smaller also with the plus and minus tool.

As you move and resize the photo be sure to keep the entire template area filled with your photo! If you can’t make it work, upload another photo to try.

Always use a photo that closely resembles the orientation of the photo in the template, with the subject matter in the center.

Once you are finished, click the “done” blue button at the top of the page and you will be taken back to the ordering page. Continue customizing and then place the order.

vintage blue palm trees sepia wedding invitation

Vintage Blue and Sepia Palm Trees Designer Wedding Stationery

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Pretty blue palm trees make up our newest wedding invitation design. The photography image has been enhanced and turned light blue for the image on the front. The subtle reference to a tropical location is the perfect backdrop for custom black text. On the back, the same image has a sepia tone. Tall palm trees sway in the warm breeze with thatched umbrellas lining the shoreline. (See the original image below.)

vintage blue palm trees sepia  wedding invitation
New palm trees invitation – Click to Buy

View our most recent collection of tropical paradise wedding invitations.

Many couples search online for marriage planning ideas. Pinterest is the place to go for ideas about everything these days, and that goes for finding invitation stationery. When purchasing invitations, the design is important but so is the quality of the paper and help with designing. The Zazzle company is full of designers who offer personal help with their own designs. Many unique, additional, matching products can be designed for customers as needed.

palm tree wedding invitation
Front of Invitation

Palm trees are one of the most recognizable images associated with the tropics. There is a surprisingly large variety of palm trees and not all are tall and swaying.

vintage palm trees sepia
Back of Invitation

Palm trees are often added to tropical landscapes and often grow wild in tropical locations. Tall, stately palms add immeasurable interest to a tropical yard. See photos at HGTV where tall palms bring life to a yard.

Those of us living in the tropics can also have potted palms, or smaller specimens included in a garden setting. The Parlor Palm has no real trunk, just long feathery leaves. Depending on the type, palm leaves can be bright green or silver gray. The fronds, or leaves, can be feathery and soft-looking, or stiff and pointed.

If you’ve ever watched hurricane footage, or been in a hurricane, you’ve no doubt witnessed how well palm trees withstand very high winds. While tall oak trees with long branches can be broken or totally unearthed, the palm tree simply bends and sways in the high winds. The fronds may blow off, but the tree remains. Rarely does a palm tree fall in high winds.

sunset palm tree
Photo credit: Pixabay

For more info please read the article entitled “10 Surprising Facts About Palm Trees” at the Mother Nature Network.

palm trees and beach umbrellas
Photo credit: Pixabay, free public domain images site
tiki hut tropical wedding invitation

Tiki Hut Over the Water Custom Wedding Invitation

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tropical tiki hut invitation
Buy it Below

Who would not want to visit, vacation or honeymoon in a tiki hut bungalow over the water?

The secluded feel of staying in your own personal room over the sea would be delightful. Imagine having the ocean as your front yard! The beautiful turquoise ocean stretches out to the horizon providing a clear lagoon beneath your feet. Descend the stairway and float in the warm ocean water, or grab snorkel gear and visit the underwater world.

With this type of wedding day, and or honeymoon, in mind, our newest custom wedding invitation design includes a simple hut over the water background image. The collection of Island Paradise Invitations is growing. Begin with a favorite image and contact me for additional matching products at

Couples planning a destination gathering in a tropical location could use this stationery. The casual style also works for a small, more private, ceremony. The invitations are affordable, even with specialty paper upgrades. Save money to enjoy spending time together alone as husband and wife.

dock hut ocean tropical wedding invitations
Tiki Hut Over the Water Custom Invitation – Click Card to View

Some of the most popular destinations for an over-the-water bungalow vacation include, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Maldives, and Fiji. But, as you will read in the article The World’s Best Overwater Bungalows at the Jetsetter website, more and more locations are offing this popular vacation option.

The images below come from the Pixabay public domain website. Of course all one needs to do is search the internet for “bungalows over the water” or “thatched hut honeymoon” or “huts over the water” and the images will astound.

Bora Bora beach and huts
Beach and Huts at Bora Bora, Photo by Mariamichelle at Pixabay
over water bungalows
Bora Bora Bungalows Over the Water
bungalows over the water
French Polynesia Island Bungalows, by Arvid97 at Pixabay
bungalows over the water
Bungalows in Paradise
blue ocean water wedding invitation

Blue Ocean Water Custom Beach Wedding Invitation

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Blue ocean wedding invitation with modern text. First names of the Bride and Groom are at the top, with their full names within the invitation paragraph.

beach wedding custom invitation
Blue Ocean Beach Ceremony Invitation

Two little starfish are sitting in the sand as the waves gently roll ashore, in this beautiful and fun wedding stationery design.

The reverse also has a beach sand image.

beach sand image
Water and sand image on back of invitation

View more wedding invitations with beach scenes in the Sandpiper store.

Our Starfish Couple wedding suite and By the Sea designer stationery are also popular choices for tropical destination weddings.

bohemian feathers wedding

Our Popular Wedding Designs Include More Than Beach Themes

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Although this site is dedicated to the beach wedding planner, we operate online stores which sell many other designs. Our popular wedding designs include realistic and stunning succulents, beautiful hydrangea flowers, new Bohemian designs, and even unique artwork. Many of these popular designs can be found in our BlueHyd store.
succulent wedding

Express your individuality by choosing a wedding stationery design which is set apart from the usual. We strive to create the most unique and lovely cards and matching paper for the couple who is far from ordinary.

More Popular Wedding Suites

Click on the images to view the entire set.
Blue hydrangea wedding

Due to the fact that there are many products at the Zazzle site, with more being added constantly, it can be difficult to keep up with the designing. Many of our collections will showcase the most popular items brides and grooms want. Due to the large array of products, some items will not be included. When a request is made, I do reply quickly. Be as specific as possible with a request, and I will get the products made as soon as possible.
bohemian feathers wedding

Furthermore, if you come across an item that needs a theme change, I can do that as well, as long as it’s in my store. If you have questions relating to design, be sure to ask.
orange wedding, artistic floral design
Please remember that I am able to make paper plates, cups and favors to match any designs in my stores. Paper goods that are customizable work well for showers and parties.

fall wedding stationery
“Back Road” Fall Wedding Set