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photo table number cards

Tell a Story With Table Number Cards

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photo table number cards
Each Card Tells a Little Story About the Couple
Tell a story with photo template table number cards. Beach themed table seating that contains lots of personalization. The couple will choose to share different photos for each card and add up to 3 lines of text to explain the picture. White sand dollars (on both sides) have templates for the table number.

Each card can contain the same photo, but adding different photos makes them more unique and personal. Variety will give guests something to talk about. When they realize that each table card tells a different short story, they can mingle and check out the other table cards in the room.

The couple will have to decide what they want to share. Make it interesting by adding some fun, and maybe funny, photos. Wedding guests will love this little insight into your life together before marriage!

Other examples of what to share:

*Where you met
*How he (or she) proposed
*Day trips & vacation photos
*Time spent relaxing at the beach (works well with a beach themed wedding!)
*Engagement photos
*Favorite things – like a special pet / eating ice cream together
*Favorite local haunts
*Pictures from the wedding shower
*Photos with your kids (if either has some from another marriage)

Each couple will have their own special moments collected from the months or years leading up to the wedding day. Collecting photos for table number cards can be a fun activity to do together, and one the groom may not mind helping with! Split the number of tables between each of you and come up with your own favorite photos to use. It may even be helpful to ask for outside help from the bridesmaids and groomsmen if you can’t decide which photos are most interesting.

sand dollar table number card
Back of the Card

Married by the Sea Table Number Cards

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beach sand table number cards
Beach Sand Cards
For those getting married by the sea, we offer many ocean themed table number cards. It’s only natural to include pictures of the ocean on wedding stationery. It’s the central focus of a beach destination event.

Married By the Sea Table Number Cards
Married By the Sea Table Number Cards Table Cards

These simple cards contain “table” text and the table number only. The image is the same on both sides and the number is easy to change for each card. The background image is beautiful turquoise water and smooth sand at the shore. White foamy waves gently lap at the shore and the water is crystal clear.

Beach Wedding Theme Escort Table Seating Cards Table Cards
Beach Wedding Theme Escort Table Seating Cards

If you choose to seat guests using escort cards, these horizontal cards can be printed with the guest’s name. Attendees an pick up the escort cards outside the reception venue and then easily make their way to the corresponding table. Save space (and expense) by combining couple’s names on one card. After all, they will be sitting together!

Beach Sand Escort, Table Number Cards Double-Sided Standard Business Cards (Pack Of 100)
Beach Sand Escort Cards (Pack Of 100)

Smaller size cards with brown beach sand come without text so names can be hand-written. The lines and “table” text can be removed, or use to help center wording and numbers.
These affordable 3.5 x 2 inch size cards come in bulk packs of 100 cards. They would look perfect stuck into a tray of sand, in alphabetical order, for guests to use.

Find more beach and ocean table seating cards, and corresponding items in our Sandpiper Wedding store.

Custom Background Floral Table Number Cards

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plumeria wedding custom table number cards
Customize the Background Color
Floral table number cards have a custom color option. Pretty, tropical plumeria flowers are printed on both sides of flat cards. I’ve chosen neutral black as the background color. Any bride who would like to use these cards to seat guests can easily change the background color, to her own custom color, which will match her wedding theme.

In place of a large number, the table number is printed out in black lettering. It will appear on both sides. Beautiful white with yellow flowers, from our Hawaiian Plumeria design line, will pop off the stationery, no matter what the background color.

Adding a custom color is easy to do. Click on the image above and then click on the blue “customize it” button. Scroll down the right side of the product page where you’ll find a color chart. The black square will be highlighted. Click on any of the other colors to change the background. The eyedropper will take you to a larger color chart. For a more advanced selection, click on the word ‘advanced’ beneath that color chart and add a hex code, or move the circle tab around to choose a color you like. You must click on ‘DONE’ on both open color sections to keep that color.

color chart, color picker
Choose a custom color using the Zazzle color chart.

The flat table number cards measure 3.5 by 5 inches. Use them with card holders or flower piks to display on reception tables. Any tropical or summer themed wedding can use these floral cards, or contact me to make a specially themed set for you.

Tented Place Cards For a Beach Wedding

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tented place cards beach ocean
Place Cards with Printed Names
Beach wedding tented place cards will be folded by the customer. The pre-folded card measures 3.5 by 5 inches and the tented version will be 3.5 across by 2.5 tall. Each side will have a tropical beach scene. Smooth sand and turquoise ocean water are the backdrop for each guest’s name. Unless you’d like to purchase the cards blank, use the template area to type a name. It will show up, in printed black font style, on both sides of the folded card.

For those who prefer to hand write names, here is Zazzle’s description of the paper. Media: Basic A crisp professional paper with a smooth matte finish designed for vibrant full-color printing. 110lb cover-weight. 50% recycled content (10% post-consumer and 40% pre-consumer waste). Use a quality, permanent ink and it should look fine on this matte paper. Perhaps order a couple extra cards, just in case of spelling mistakes.

In our store we offer many designs. This is a popular way to show guests where to sit, as no place card holders are necessary. Having the name on both sides assures that the guest will easily find his or her place at the table. But some cards have a name template on only one side. It is up to each couple to decide which they prefer. The tented place cards were designed for seating guests at any summer, or tropical, themed gathering. Any big party where a sit-down meal is offered could use some sort of seating cards.

There are a few options when it comes to seating guests. Another way is to list all the names on a single card and place it them in the center of each table. This type of card, and other table number cards let you assign numbers individually. The flat, number only, cards work well with our little place cards.

single seating table card with list of names
Table Cards With All Names

Big Poster Seating Chart Ideas

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Seating guests at the wedding reception will be an easy chore with big seating chart posters. This poster is set up in sections and the samples are alphabetical. List guests with surnames that begin with the letter “A”, with their table number after the name. More than one section can be used for any given letter. When wedding guests enter the reception area have the poster in a prominent place and they can easily find their table number.

starfish seating chart poster
Starfish Couple

Another option, is to use the seating chart to seat guests by table number, or name, if you go that route. The first section would be Table One, and all guests seated at Table One would be listed. The chart can be used as you prefer, and any extra sections can be deleted. It will be more difficult for guest to find their name, as they must search all the table lists.
beach wedding seating chart poster
Tropical Seas

Our beautiful, tropical themed, seating charts measure 24 by 36 inches and the size should not be changed. The design elements are made specifically for this size.
The current prices (subject to change) are:
Value Poster Paper (Matte) price ~ $41.95
Poster Paper (Semi-Gloss) +$18.95
Archival Heavyweight Paper (Matte) +$57.95
Premium Canvas (Gloss) +$86.95

tropical hawaiian plumeria flourish seating chart
Plumeria Flourish

Choose tropical water and beach sand, starfish, seashells, or custom colors as the design to match your wedding theme. If you don’t find what you want, please ask! I will be happy to make a background for you. At Sandpiper Wedding we also have tented place cards, and table number cards.

Plain Beach Sand Table Number Cards

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table seating cards
Numbers are on both sides
Easily add the number to these beach sand table cards and it will show up on both sides. Plain, beach sand design with black text. “Table” at the top, and the numbers are slightly angled.

View all tropical and beach themed Table Number Cards at Sandpiper Wedding.