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baby photos save the date

Select One of Our Unique Save-the-Date Cards to Customize

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save the date card collection
Click the image to view the entire collection of save-the-date cards
We offer photo save the date postcards, cards and magnets. Click to view the selection and find one that fits with your beach wedding theme.

When should I send out “save the date” announcements?

red poppy wedding

Red Poppies Designer Wedding Stationery Set

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red poppy wedding invitation set
Red Poppy Designer Wedding Stationery -Click to View

Bright red poppies make up our newest, Spring 2017, wedding design. Stunning color on a white background with black text is classic and also modern, with fun font styles and wording.

Customize invitations, reply and enclosure cards, and even gift bags for the bridal party, or to welcome guests to a weekend wedding event.

Poppies are also coveted for a bohemian (boho) celebration, as they are field flowers that bob their shiny bright blooms among the grass.

The red poppy wedding collection contains cards and invitations for events other than weddings. And the line will include home decor items as well. We are just getting started, and will be adding much more to this beautiful collection.

baby photo templates card

Palm Trees Option Save the Date Cards

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Our newest photo save the date announcement, for a tropical beach wedding, has a palm trees option. As beach wedding stationery designers, we have made this pretty, light blue card with a tropical background. Simply delete it if your wedding will not be in the tropics. That will leave you with a simple, rustic wood grain background. Scroll down to see what that looks like on the product page.

palm trees photo save the date
View our Save-the-Date Collection

The front of this card, which has many upgrade choices, contains two photo templates to add baby pictures. Show everyone how cute you each were as little ones! We call this type of save-the-date announcement “through the years” or “then and now” and it’s a unique idea for couples. The recent photo of the bride and groom will go on the back next to the custom text.

baby photo templates card
You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby!

It’s easy to announce wedding plans and direct guests to a wedding website (if you choose) by creating your own paragraph of information. Leave spaces where needed and include as much, or as little text as needed.
photo templates
When using the photo templates, you will have the ability to move the photos into place. That way your pictures will be centered as you like. Choose the “change” option and simply upload your own pictures. To remove the palm trees, use the “clear” option.

birch bark tree wedding

Birch Tree Carved Hearts Photo Wedding Card

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Rustic birch tree photo wedding
White Birch, Carved Hearts Announcement

Customize this birch tree photo postcard to announce a rustic, outdoor or boho themed marriage. Place the first letter initials of the bride and groom inside one of the hearts. The other carved heart has the text “4-ever”. Include the wedding date and upload a favorite picture to the photo template.
The unique, romantic “save the date” design matches any free style type wedding plans.


From personalized paper plates, reserved seating cards, tie-on tags, personal postage and bridesmaid bags, you will find many matching items in the birch bark theme.
Don’t see what you need? Just ask:

Photo Announcement For the Bride and Groom

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save the date gray photo postcard
Save Our Date!
Our new, modern, gray and silver photo wedding announcement is decorated with pineapples. The cute, quatrefoil frame holds a horizontal (landscape) view of the engaged couple. This neutral palette is printed on magnetic invitation paper, so guests can post it on the fridge, on in the office cube, or any metal surface, as a reminder of the big day.

This card is standard postcard size (4.25 x 5.6 in.), and can easily be changed to the 5×7 inch size. No envelopes come with this magnetic card, but we have a matching one if you’d like (see below). It makes a lovely set without spending a ton of money.

We have ceremony invitations and other items to match the gray, pineapple theme. Please view the set here.

dark gray, pineapple print envelope
Size A6, Return Address Envelope

Pink Conchs Rustic Photo Save the Date

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beach wedding save the date
Rustic Seashell Wedding Announcement
It’s about time our beach wedding save-the-date postcards got an update! Today I am happy to announce that we have a whole shipload of tropical, beach themed items to share. (Click on the image to see more.)

One of the newest designs is this rustic, boardwalk photo announcement with pink conchs. The reverse is as pretty as the front with a light background of seashells. Simply upload a favorite photo, fill in the text, and order for your event.

List your personal wedding website on the back for guests, or add any information you choose.