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two white starfish wedding rehearsal dinner invitation

Wow Guests With Starfish Rehearsal Dinner Invites

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The starfish couple is prominent on beach wedding paper. From save-the-date cards and invitations, to gift bags and favors, two starfish holding hands, or dancing on the shore, seem to be an image couples can’t resist.

The rehearsal dinner is sometimes as big an event as the wedding itself, or almost. Families gather, maybe for the first time, to celebrate with the bride and groom the night before the ceremony.

Custom rehearsal dinner invitations for the starfish couple lovers.

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Starfish rehearsal dinner invitation
“By the Sea” Rehearsal Dinner Invites – Buy at Zazzle
two white starfish wedding rehearsal dinner invitation
White Starfish on Sea Glass Green
rope knot navy nautical rehearsal dinner invitations
Beach Driftwood Nautical Navy Invitations by Jinaiji
white starfish couple rehearsal dinner
Starfish and Beach Sand Custom Rehearsal Dinner Invitations by Sandpiper Wedding

Although a line of RSVP text can be added to these invitations, some people prefer to include mailable reply cards. In that case, we have a whole collection of affordable, decorated and plain, RSVP cards. Some have menu list options, and some do not. All have paper selections to match the invitation paper you choose, and they come with white envelopes.

rsvp reply cards
Custom Reply Cards in Many Themes
rehearsal dinner invitations

Aquamarine Ocean Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

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ocean water invitation wedding
Rehearsal Dinner Invite
If you are having a wedding on the beach, the aquamarine ocean water rehearsal dinner invitation fits the bill! Beautiful, sea blue and beach sand design, in a tropical theme, with easy to use custom text.

White text is simple to fill in with the title, names of the bride and groom (in fun, printed font style), date and time, location and RSVP. Include the names of whomever is hosting the event, if you choose.

Round the corners, use the scallop edge, or upgrade the paper on the product page. Click on the image and play with the options until you find one you love.

As always, contact me to help with wording set up if the templates don’t work for you.

Turquoise to Tan, Making Tropical Colored Paper

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turquoise water wedding invitation
Tropical Gradient
Turquoise is the color of tropical ocean water. A perfect mix of crystal clear aqua blue with sea green makes the seas around the Caribbean and south Pacific Islands the most lovely color. Water color depends on a variety of factors. As sunlight passes through the water, it gets absorbed to create blue. In deep water the blue is a dark, navy color. Shallow depths and the sand make-up at the bottom also determine water color. I am no scientist, and for a better and more in-depth article on water color, please read: How Can Bodies of Water be Different Colors? by mentalfloss.

I do know how the beautiful “water” on this wedding invitation was created. That is a much easier explanation for me! First I found a public domain image that someone kindly donated for use. The original picture was of a boat anchored on a beautiful beach. In the distance the shallow blue-green water turned darker blue and breaking waves could be seen on the horizon. The blue sky paled in comparison to the inviting, clear water.

I didn’t want a boat image, but I definitely loved that water. I downloaded the largest size photograph to work with. I then cropped and resized the portion of the photograph that I could use, removing the boat. For fun, I further split the image to remove the sky. On some of the products I have created I use the full view from sand to distant waves, and on others I use the beach and lapping surf image only. The latter is what you see on this 5×7 inch horizontal wedding invitation. For this stationery I layered the image as a transparency over a graphic gradient using turquoise and brown. Separately the images can be used for many projects. Layered together they give paper a bright, tropical color. In reality, the close up beach image contains pale colors. You can see it in the poster below, which I made for Society6.

starfish and beach ocean poster
Starfish on the Beach Print

I’ve used the water image in my By the Sea wedding stationery set. I think the new layered effect works well enough to use it another collection of items. I offer a rehearsal dinner invitation invitation to match.

Beach Stones Casual Rehearsal Dinner

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beach stones rehearsal dinner invitation
Beach Stones Rehearsal Dinner
A casual rehearsal dinner invitation with pretty beach stones as the background. This interesting design was created with the nature-loving couple in mind. Not every beach is sandy, and often beautiful, worn stones make up the shoreline of an ocean or lake. Many people collect beautiful stones, just as many people collect seashells, so why not include them on wedding paper?

A center quatrefoil panel in white holds the black text in unique font styles. Curly uppercase letters are used for the names of the bride and groom. Open, chunky letters make up the remainder of the invitation text. Keep everything capitalized as in the example, or use regular upper and lower case text.

Rounded corners look nice on this stationery because of the rounded stones image. But you may choose regular corners, or the round shape, which is also a perfect choice for this design.

round stones invitation
This invitation comes in square or round shapes.

Sand Dollars Black and White Rehearsal Dinner

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black and white rehearsal dinner invitations
Seaside Rehearsal Dinner
Black and white rehearsal dinner invitations, with sand dollars border, are perfect for a celebration by the sea. Elegant and simple, yet unique and lovely, this 4×6 inch card works for couples getting married on the beach, or in the summer.

A row of white sand dollars at the top is offset by a black strip. It’s the only decoration on this paper. The wording is set up to accommodate two lines for host’s names at the top. If the parents who have arranged the rehearsal dinner are divorced, it’s easy to list both separately in this area. Although I’ve made this on the smaller invitation size, it’s easy to change to another size with the “customize it” button. Click on the invitation image, then, on the product page, click the blue button and then scroll down the page to see paper size options. The paper type can be upgraded, and the shape of the invitation can be changed also.

We have another invitation with wording that is a bit different (below). It places the “hosted by” line beneath the names of the bride and groom. This one is a 5×7, and you’ll see the option to buy colored envelopes in the sidebar (black is an option). Please note that the invitations normally come with plain, white envelopes, and those will be included in your order, regardless.

Round Rehearsal Dinner Invites

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beaches invitations
Tropical Water Invitation – Click to View
With the addition of round shaped invitations we are busy re-making some favorite rehearsal dinner invitations. This card contains a popular beach sand and ocean water background. The custom text is in alternating black and blue. The font style is elegant script lettering for the names of the bride and groom, as well as for the party name. The rest of the invitation has printed text which is easy to customize line by line.
Also be aware that there is a wide selection of specialty paper available to upgrade this stationery. View the options at the bottom of this post.
If the round shape is not what you are looking for, change the shape of the invitation to square. With the square type, you will have the option of having rounded corners.
All square and round invitations are oversize for the postal service and will require more postage to mail.