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Create personalized wedding menu’s for the wedding reception, using decorated paper and template text.

orange pink hibiscus design

New Orange and Pink Hibiscus Design

hibiscus wedding menu
Hibiscus Wedding Menu Template
A new main focus of mine for the 2017 wedding season is more beautiful tropical flowers on products. This new orange and pink hibiscus design was first added to a wedding menu template. The floral graphic turned out so well, that I went ahead and made a black and white and transparent image.

Two different Hawaiian flowers were used for this background image. Three flowers together make a pretty divider for the menu. The black and white flowers were added to the back of the men.

hibiscus bridesmaid bag
Personalized Bridesmaid Bag

One of the hibiscus bags is meant for the “Mothers” of the bride and groom. The other is meant for bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party.

hibiscus mothers bag
Girt Bag for the Mother of the Bride, or Groom

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round wedding menu

Round Wedding Menu Template With Monogram Initials

round wedding menu
Custom Round Menu Template
This round wedding menu template, in neutral black and white, works for just about any wedding reception theme. Add three monogram initials to the center. If this is used for a wedding the initials are added as follows: The center letter is the last name of the married couple, or the groom’s last name. The bride’s initial goes to the left, and the groom’s initial to the right.

However there are many ways to create a monogram. In this design, the middle initial, which is larger than the other two, can be used to create two initial with an ampersand (and sign) in between. In this way the Bride and Groom can use their first name initials to create the monogram.

black and white round menu
Example with First Initials Used

If the initials look too large, scroll up the page and click “customize”. Then you will see a page that looks like the one below. Don’t let it scare you… find the letters, over on the right hand side and click that box.
Next, go down to the bottom left and hit the minus sign to make them smaller. When you are happy with the look, click “done” at the top of the page and you’ll go back to the original product page.

sample design
How to change the size of the two initial monogram

I will be happy to do this for you, or help with any part of the design and text placement. But sometimes, with a little help, the customer can complete the design on their own.

Please visit our Menu Template Collection to view more of our wedding menu designs.

We also make Christmas menu templates which will work for any type of holiday event, from a home party to wedding reception.

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Entrée Selection Reply Cards For a Beach Themed Event

beach wedding menu reply cards
By the Sea Menu Reply Cards

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding, is finding out what the guests will want to eat at the reception. Including an entée selection on the invitation reply cards can take care of that.

As a couple, you have a lot to think about. Will guests be excited about coming to the event? You certainly hope so! Will they feel free to bring uninvited guests along with them? (Believe it or not, some people think that a wedding is a big party, and the more the merrier!) Sometimes it is absolutely imperative to make it clear what is expected. Will you attend? Yes or no, is often not strong enough. In fact I have been asked to make reply cards with an exact number allowed, so guests can reply with a number up to a certain amount. It gives them borders, so they are less likely to take advantage. The RSVP shown here has such a line. If two people are being invited, write a 2 on the card, in the second space. The guests then reply with either a 1 or 2, in the first space. That entire line can also be deleted. Continue reading Entrée Selection Reply Cards For a Beach Themed Event

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Holiday and Wedding Menus

Menu templates for all seasons, for the wedding reception, or a family dinner at holiday time.

Menus are easy to personalize with names, date, and food selections. Whether the gathering offers a long list of appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts, or a simple selection of meal items, you will find what you need in our menu collection.

The cheapest menus are printed on flyer paper, which is thinner than the quality of the invitation paper. As you can see in the images below, even though they look similar, the one using flyer paper will cost over a dollar less per item. Each individual must decide how important the paper type is. A lot can be saved if a simple piece of paper will make you happy.

tropical christmas menu
Menu using Invitation Paper

beach wedding menu template
Menu printed on Flyer Paper

In choosing the invitation paper to print your wedding menu, there will be upgrades available. Using specialty paper, such as the Luxe Champagne Shimmer, can add a more festive quality to the menus. Optional paper upgrades can be found on any invitation product page.

Although I don’t make all types of menus using any one design, I will be glad to transfer images from one type of paper to another for you! Upgrade, or lessen the expense accordingly.

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Seashells & Cream, Summer Menu Template

seashells wedding menu
Felt Paper 5.5 x 8.5

Choose from four types of paper when ordering this tropical seashell border menu. Felt cream paper has a natural hue, with pictures of beach shells in the corners at the top and along the bottom.

See our MENU COLLECTION for a large selection of themed templates.

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Wedding Menu Navy With White

navy starfish wedding menu
Custom Wedding Menu
This simple wedding menu is classic navy blue. The printed text shows up well in white and matches the two starfish at the top. The names of the bride and groom are in large letters at the top with the date of the event beneath. Below the “Wedding Menu” title, all the menu items will be listed. My sample text is just an example and your text can be set up any way that fits the space. This 5×7 inch stationery will not allow for a long list of entrées. Don’t let the text get too close to the edges or bottom of the card or it may be cut off in printing.

The price of our wedding menus relates to the type of paper it is printed on. The navy blue menu is on quality card stock paper (invitation paper), but the white menu with seashells below is printed on writing paper. It will be approximately half the price. The seashell menu is set up for a “first course”, “second course” and then three entrée items. Appetizers, then salad, then meals, are listed with desert at the bottom. If your menu items don’t correspond to that template, try one of our other menu templates, or make a request via the contact button.

seashell wedding menu

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