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What You Really Need to Put in the Hangover Kit

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honeyA popular addition to the weekend wedding welcome bag is the “hangover kit”. Just search for such a thing and you will find antacids and tylenol in little bags as hangover remedies. And sure, medicine can help you feel better after a big evening of partying, but did you realize there are more tasty ways to handle a hangover?

One delicious way to help yourself feel better is to eat some honey.

It’s a natural ingredient that has antioxidant properties, and the article at Mother Earth Living says that “Because of its antioxidant properties, honey neutralizes the toxins created by consuming alcohol.” And the fructose is used to “convert the acetaldehyde made during alcohol metabolism into acetic acid”, a substance that is “burned up naturally by the body.”
Maybe some little honey straws should be added to the welcome bag. Buy a pack of 100 at Amazon. Or find some little jars of honey and add your own personalized labels. Guests could consume honey in their tea, on toast or biscuits, or right from the straw or spoon. Eating honey before, during and / or after the partying is all good. So consider serving desserts that are honey based at the wedding reception. Cheesecake and cookies can be made with honey. Or serve a specialty drink with honey as an ingredient.

Another food that helps with hangover recovery is tomatoes. Few people want to wake up in the morning and eat a tomato, even when feeling well! But drinking tomato juice or V8 could help make that headache disappear faster. Combine it with some honey on toast, and you’re good to go.

Cookie Cake Ideas For Tropical Holiday Gatherings

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monogrammed big cookie cake
Tropical Christmas Big Cookie
Our tropical Christmas big cookie cake with a monogram initial is decorated with green holly and a starfish couple. I created this with a fun and casual Christmas wedding in mind, as it would be a special treat to add to the dessert table.

Zazzle now offers specialty treats like personalized cake pops, cookies and big cookies. I’ve only made a few samples of these desserts as I’m waiting to see if they will sell. The starfish and holly design is popular so that design was chosen for the upcoming holidays.

The cookies are approximately 11 x 8 inches – about the size of of a regular sheet of paper, so they are not huge. You can see the actual cookie next to drink glasses in my image here. The cost is high, in my opinion, but Zazzle often offers nice sales. If the cookie is something you’d like (in any design) watch for coupon codes for discounts and buy it then.

The cookie is baked fresh to order, but can not be frozen, so plan to eat it shortly after it arrives. For a list of ingredients see more information on the product page (link above).

The big cookies are a lot of fun for any occasion. I used to make my own big, chocolate chip cookie for my kids on their birthdays, and they loved it. They preferred it over cake. It was not decorated as fancy as the Zazzle cookie of course. They have special machines for printing the images with edible ink.

This dessert item is made even more special if a photo is added and you can do just that on the “Snow Falling at the Beach” cookie cake below. The picture you see is a template, so your own picture can easily take it’s place. It has a winter at the beach theme, but all the snow / sparkles can be easily be removed. It could just as well be used to celebrate a new baby, family reunion, or a child’s birthday.

beach family photo cookie cake
Beach Snowfall Big Photo Cookie

Custom Cake Pops in Your Wedding Theme!

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starfish cake popsImagine ordering pre-made cake pops for your bridal shower or wedding reception that match your wedding theme! That is possible with this new product from the Zazzle site, which we offer through our Sandpiper Wedding store.

These are perfect additions to any special event, but our focus is engagement parties, bridal and wedding showers, and the wedding reception. Guests will be in awe of the beautiful and personal design in a color and theme that matches your wedding decor. Or put a photo of the two of you front and center (see example below). The image part of the cake measures 1.25 inches.

The design is added to the baked cake pop and the items are shipped to you ready to use. The price is for a dozen treats which offer many choices of cake flavors and frosting colors. Click any of these images to read more about them on the product page. A list of ingredients is also provided. View all our new tropical cake pop designs.
Need a theme you don’t see? Ask, and we’ll do our best to create it for you!
Custom Photo Template Cake Pop Wedding Favors Starfish Wedding Dated Chocolate Cake Pops

Edible Sand Dollars Found at Etsy

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sugar sand dollar
Realistic and Edible

I was browsing one of my favorite Etsy stores, “Andie’s Specialty Sweets” and noticed a picture of a sand castle cake. It features a collection of edible confections like seashells, starfish and sea glass (all edible) and sand dollars. The picture here looks like a sand dollar just collected off the sand, but really it is made of candy.  They are sold in sets of six and may be of interest for a couple planning a beach themed wedding.

At Andie’s Specialty Sweets shop, they sell goodies of all kinds, but the best thing about these edible delights is that they look so real! I particularly like the sea life, but they also sell Continue reading Edible Sand Dollars Found at Etsy

Seafood to Serve For a Beach Wedding

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shrimp served in cantelope
Shrimp Buffet

Couples who love the beach and plan to get married there, may or may not enjoy seafood, but chances are they will choose to serve at least something “fishy” at the wedding reception in keeping with the theme.

Seafood can be expensive and if the wedding is large it can really put a hole in the budget. If the reception will be held at a beach-side restaurant you will want to check with the chef and find out what types of seafood will be available at the time of year you marry (it might matter, and prices can vary). If the reception will be catered, then talk with the caterer who should have a good idea since he or she does this for a living.

Some popular dishes and seafood served in a beach setting may include:

  • Shrimp cocktail / Bacon wrapped shrimp
  • Steamed clams / oysters
  • Oysters on the half shell
  • Crab cakes (Click here for 30 crab recipes at Coastal Living)
  • Fish tacos
  • Seafood gumbo, chowder, or soup
  • Grilled scallops wrapped in bacon or prosciutto
  • Seafood lasagna / linguini
  • Lobster salad
  • Salmon, cod, haddock or any favorite fish (and local to the region) could be served as the main menu.

Of course depending on how fancy you want the food to be, there will be variations on the seafood.  Chances are not all the guests will love seafood, so be sure to include non- seafood items just in case.   If the starter course is seafood soup, maybe have the option of a tossed salad instead.


Fun Cake Pictures With a Beach and Sea Theme

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Seashell Cake
Seashell Cake (Photo credit: InspireFate Photography)

You don’t have to have a wedding to enjoy a big, layered cake all decked out with edible seashells, starfish and plumeria flowers, but many couples who are planning a tropical destination wedding, will want one!

If you are searching for wedding cake ideas there are many places to look.  Pinterest is an easy to use site where loads of wedding planners and brides-to-be store their ideas and products on “boards” and many include cake ideas.  This is where I came across the “Delectable Cakes with Seaside Style” post.

An array of pretty, yummy-looking cakes includes some that are quite unique and Continue reading Fun Cake Pictures With a Beach and Sea Theme