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Starfish Couple, Pale Blue Engagement Party Invitations

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starfish engagement party invitations
Starfish Couple Engagement Party Invitations

Two starfish make this cute “starfish couple” engagement party invitation the perfect choice for a beach-loving couple.
The engagement party is given for the couple as soon as possible after the engagement is announced. It can be given by either of the parents or families, or both families can go in together on the celebration plans.

But wait… this is a custom card… the text can be changed by the customer and used for a wedding shower also – see wording example below. What’s the difference between an engagement party and wedding shower? Not much. It’s all in what you make it. Rules are not hard and fast when it comes to celebrating young love. (Or even older love for that matter!)

starfish couple wedding shower
Easily change the wording for a Shower invitation

The Engagement party can be an informal gathering of friends and family who want to congratulate the couple (and see the ring). It can be the first occasion where everyone hears about the wedding plans, if there are any made at that early time. The two families can get to know each other and make plans of their own to celebrate the happy occasion.

This is when the wedding shower, or bridal shower, can be talked about. The bride and groom can let their wishes be known and share a little about their plans for the ceremony.

An engagement party is one of the most exciting parties thrown for the couple before the wedding. It’s a beginning to a new phase of life for the couple. There is magic in the air as two loving families unite behind two people who have been special to them always.

How to Marry Well, Part 1: Intelligence

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ego, self love,
It’s all about me
This is my own personal advice on how to marry well, with a focus on intelligence. So much goes into finding the right mate for life, but be careful not to overlook a few basic qualities. Compatibility is incredibly important when lifelong decisions will be made with this man / woman.

For a start, just how intelligent is he? (I’m writing from the point of view a woman takes, so this post is mostly geared toward the bride-to-be, but of course the man could also gain insight.) A faker / phony can be difficult to spot. I’ve discovered that a man with a big ego can easily hide the fact that he is not too bright. He appears confident and even brave at times, but the real reason he appears this way may be that he is too stupid to know better! Think about that for a moment, because it absolutely makes sense.

I married young. I did not have the benefit of good information on which to form a lasting, successful relationship. And I paid dearly for it all of the years I was married. I write from experience here. It took me a long time to realize that my husband must have a low IQ. Things that made sense to me (and to most people) just didn’t to him. He did things his way, whether they were right or not. (That’s where the big ego comes in.) Continue reading How to Marry Well, Part 1: Intelligence

Did You Get Engaged at Christmas?

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getting engaged
Will You Marry Me?
Christmas is a holiday of love and family, so what better time to give, and receive, a special ring. Marriage proposals abound at holiday time. So, did you get engaged this Christmas?

A lot of men consider the holidays to be the best time to pop the question and present a beautiful engagement ring. It allows them to give the best gift of all. It may seem a bit unoriginal to some, but many women love the idea as well. This is the chance to enhance the already big celebration with some happy news. It’s the one big time of year when families travel and gather together. Sharing this lovely moment, and seeing the reaction from family and friends, may be irresistible.

Congratulations if you are recently engaged! For those who have recently begun dating, the possibility of becoming engaged next Christmas could be in the future. For those of you in this category, let me give some words of caution.

Anytime the “will you marry me” question is posed in front of a large crowd (like at ball games on the Jumbotron) I feel that the woman is given no choice but to say yes. What if she doesn’t? She’s the bad guy! If putting your bride in that position sounds like a good idea, then go for it. Ask for her hand in front of all the family on Christmas Day. A better way to do it may be one on one, when that special moment can be more private. Then make the announcement to all at a later time. Ask on Christmas Eve, and celebrate on Christmas Day.

Although making an engagement announcement to a loving family leaves room for few regrets, keep in mind that some people may not take the news to heart. If it’s a second marriage, with children involved, it is my opinion that they should be told in private. Springing the engagement on them along with other family members is a good idea ONLY if you both are very sure the kids will embrace this news. My own children were at the mercy of this announcement one year, and they were none too thrilled at the fact that they weren’t told first, by their father, in private.

If your future bride is expecting a ring at Christmas, then I would suggest you don’t dissapoint. Or at least dissuade her so she won’t get her hopes up. By the time you are considering marriage you both should know each other well enough to choose the most opportune time to pop the question. Maybe being more original is something she expects, so Christmas would NOT be her preferred moment. There is nothing wrong with being original!
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What to Send Out, Engagement Notice or Save-the-Date?

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engagement ring
We're Engaged!

So what is the difference between an engagement notice and a save-the-date card? You may think that they are one in the same, and at times they can be. If you are engaged but planning to be married soon, the save-the-date announcement can do double duty and will inform everyone that you are engaged and will marry on a specific date. However, if you just got engaged but have no wedding plans made, you will still want to tell everyone, and that is when an engagement notice would be used.

save the date photo cards

My daughter recently became engaged, but she is not planning the wedding yet. I realized that I didn’t have many engagement notices made up to sell at Sandpiper Wedding, and this was an oversight on my part. The Save-the-Date cards are popular now, but I’d forgotten about the couple’s who are in my daughter’s situation.  So, we worked together to come up with a pretty card with three photos added in the theme of Hawaiian plumeria flowers, which are her favorite.  She decided to have a tropical theme for the notice to go along with her tentative plans for a beach wedding.

Your engagement announcement could have a theme similar to what you are planning for your wedding.  If you have no idea what kind of wedding you’ll have, then a simple card decorated any way at all will work.  An engagement card should have a photo attached or at least added to the inside.  This is just my personal opinion.  Most everyone who hears the news will want to see a picture and have a chance to “meet” your partner.  (The templates on my card designs make it easy to upload your picture).

engagement party announcement
Party invitation is on the back of this big photo Engagement Announcement

It’s fine to have first names used beneath or beside the photo, but you may want to consider adding full names on the reverse for those who have never met your fiance.  People may be curious as to what your married name will be.