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Gifts, thank you cards, dresses, ideas for the bridal party including the bridesmaids, maid of honor, junior bridesmaids and flower girl.

orange pink hibiscus design

New Orange and Pink Hibiscus Design

hibiscus wedding menu
Hibiscus Wedding Menu Template
A new main focus of mine for the 2017 wedding season is more beautiful tropical flowers on products. This new orange and pink hibiscus design was first added to a wedding menu template. The floral graphic turned out so well, that I went ahead and made a black and white and transparent image.

Two different Hawaiian flowers were used for this background image. Three flowers together make a pretty divider for the menu. The black and white flowers were added to the back of the men.

hibiscus bridesmaid bag
Personalized Bridesmaid Bag

One of the hibiscus bags is meant for the “Mothers” of the bride and groom. The other is meant for bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party.

hibiscus mothers bag
Girt Bag for the Mother of the Bride, or Groom

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bridesmaids luncheon

Hosting a Bridesmaids’ Luncheon, Tea, or Other Event for the Gals

The Bridesmaids deserve some thanks, not only because of all the money they have spent to make your special day perfect, but because they are your best friends.

bridesmaids luncheon
Big Starfish Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Whether the wedding will be large and expensive, or casual and simple, a lot goes into the planning. Most wedding traditions simply must apply, and being appreciative to the ones who contributed to your happiness should be high on the planning list.

Not every bride will throw a Bridesmaids’ party, and giving out gifts is fine, but why not have fun with a luncheon, elegant tea party, or night at the local bar?

WHO TO INVITE? Even if the bridal party is not large, friends and family members (women only) can be invited to an event celebrating the bridesmaids.

sand dollar bridesmaids party
Pretty Blue Sand Dollar Bridesmaids Luncheon Invitation

Also the “bridesmaids” title can include every member of the bridal party, and that means the Maid / Matron of Honor, Junior Bridesmaids and Flower Girls. Of course the young people would not attend a night out on the town. If that’s the plan, they give them a gift at another time.

Everyone will have fun at such an event and it will give the girls a chance to get to know each other better.

Want to include the guys? Why not organize a barbecue, beach party, or something everyone will enjoy together, and send out “Celebrate the Wedding Party” invitations?

beach themed wedding party invitation
Invite the groomsmen and bridesmaids to a celebration for the wedding party

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Coral and Brown Starfish Gift Bag For Junior Bridesmaid

gift bag wedding starfish
For the Bridal Party
Personalized gift bags for members of the bridal party made lovely gifts. In the theme of the wedding, starfish represent the couple married on a beach. Two areas of custom text are provided for the name and her title. Create one for each of the bridesmaids, the maid-of-honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and even the mothers.

The chunky brown sea star and light coral orange thin star make a cute couple. Bag choices range from this little bag, to larger bags with color choices.

View the Collection of Bridesmaid Gift Bags to personalize.

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Classic Gray Tote For the Best Gal

gray pineapple maid of honor bag
Thank the Maid of Honor
Your Maid-of-Honor deserves a wonderful thank you gift, and what could be better than a big tote bag, personalized with her name and title. Classic gray with a single pineapple image, and chic curved text, this bag design matches our wedding line Pineapple Gray.
Want a dark colored bag? Change the background to “no color”, in the customize area (in place of dark gray), and choose a dark colored bag. It will look like this:
black pineapple custom bag
Customize It!

Create one for each member of the bridal party simply by changing the title to “bridesmaid”, “junior bridesmaid”, “flower girl”, etc. And don’t forget the Mother of the Bride / Groom.
With many bag sizes and colors, it’s easy to change the look and the text for your needs. Want one for yourself, just to take towels to the beach? Delete one line of text and use the other for your name, or favorite beach name. Let your imagination create the perfect tote for you.

See all the fun items we have collected on our Pinterest “Bride and Bridesmaids” board, including dress ideas, jewelry, headpieces, gifts, bouquets and more.

Follow Sandpiper Wedding & More’s board Bride & Bridesmaids on Pinterest.

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nautical wedding anchor gift bags

Nautical Navy Wedding Tote Bags

nautical navy tote bagOur designer tote bags are popular with couples to give to the bridal party as gifts of thanks. We have a couple of options for this navy stripes bag with tan accent color.

The bag shown here has two templates, above and below the stripes, to add names and the wedding date. The other bag has “bridesmaid” text at the top with the bridesmaid’s name at the bottom. Create a personalized gift for each of the ladies, and they will love it!

Using these template options, the totes could be given as gifts or given to the couple. It’s a nice way to commemorate this special event, while giving the newlyweds a cool bag to take on the honeymoon!

This is the budget tote, and it’s the least expensive option. But other larger bags could be chosen which would hold a lot more beach related goodies. With the dark, navy blue stripes and ship’s anchor in the center, a light colored bag works best.

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Starfish Gift Bag or Favor Bag

two starfish tote bag
Starfish favor bag or gift bag.
I created this little starfish bag with the bridal party of a beach wedding in mind. It would make a nice little tote to fill with goodies for the bridesmaids and flower girl, from the bride.

Then I had a customer buy it as a favor bag to give out to wedding guests. The price becomes less as it’s purchased in bulk, and whether it’s presented empty or containing goodies, a nice little gift bag is something that everyone can appreciate.

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