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lime green hibiscus bridal shower invitation

Bright Hibiscus Flowers Decorate Invitations to Celebrate the Bride

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Bright hibiscus flowers decorate these shower invitations to celebrate the bride. Each custom invitation contains text templates with modern script font combined with printed text.

Custom wording will be added section by section beginning with curved “Here Comes the Bride” title at the top. In each design, the title is in color to match the hibiscus flowers and leaves that border all edges. The reverse is in color and / or a matching design.
bright hibiscus blue designer shower invitations
As is true for all our invitations at Sandpiper Wedding, customization includes choosing a type of paper and edge shape. This card has an ecru, or off-white, background for the text area. The background color can be changed to white, or something else, using the blue “customize” button. The design tool page shows the color palette (scroll down) where a favorite color can be chosen.
bright hibiscus red shower

lime green bright hibiscus bridal shower invitation
Custom Lime Green Hibiscus Bridal Shower Invitation

The colors of blue, orange and lime green represent typical tropical colors, but this invitation can be made in any color. Make a request.

Use this new hibiscus design for any event. Remember, my sample wording is only one idea of how to use this card. Sometimes the templates work for the occasion and sometimes the wording needs to be changed. In that case, please contact me for help. I will add your text for you, or make templates so you can add your own.

Need some tropical bridal shower party ideas?

Periwinkle Blue Couple’s Shower Invitations

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Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.18.37 AM
Tropical starfish on periwinkle blue invitations to a couple’s shower. Periwinkle is such a lovely color, and is totally appropriate for wedding stationery. I think the starfish design looks perfect on this purple-blue card.

Beach often contain typical aqua, turquoise, and beige colors which mimic the colors of the sea and sand. If you are tired of seeing typical and common invitations, you may love what we have to offer. The Pantone color(s) of the year (2016) are rose quartz (light pink) and serenity (looks like periwinkle to me!).

I’ll admit that periwinkle has long been a favorite color of mine. I love the idea of using it to make some new wedding stationery for those planning a tropical destination wedding event. Continue reading Periwinkle Blue Couple’s Shower Invitations

aqua lime bridal shower invitaitons

Celebrate the Bride in Tropical Blue Green Ombre Design With Pineapples

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aqua lime bridal shower invitaitons
Tropical Ombre Pineapple Shower Invites
Our brand new shower invitations are bright and bold, for the sun-loving bride. The pineapple print over a gradient green to blue background works for any tropical bridal shower theme. Use the matching thank you note cards to thank guests for their thoughtful gifts.

blue green ombre thank you cards

The Story Behind the Spring Green Wedding Set

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spring green bridal showerWhere I live, in the northeastern United States, Spring still seems far away. These spring green bridal shower invitations were created from a photo I took of my own “Limelight” hydrangea flowers. Now the plants are buried in a couple feet of frozen snow. But the paper, and Spring Green stationery set, is a reminder of the beauty of summer, and I know that I’ll be digging in the garden one day.

I enjoy making beach themed wedding stationery, because I love the tropics and the water. Realistically, I never make it to the beach these days. So I divide my creative work between a few niches. One relates to beaches, seashells and nature found in Florida and other tropical locations.

My other niche is garden related and the BlueHyd store is full of pictures of hydrangea flowers. I love growing this perennial because it’s easy to care for. But best of all is the fact that the blooms last for such a long time. Even as they dry out and die, they are interesting and lovely.

The camera is in my hands a lot in the summer months. Capturing the beauty of a New England summer is essential because it is so fleeting. I photograph everything throughout June, July and August. From flowering shrubs to green beans and caterpillars, I capture the essence of the warm season as often as I can. Flowers are a favorite though, and when they are as beautiful as the elongated, light green “limelight” hydrangea flowers, I can’t resist. I use the best pictures to create wedding stationery, cards and posters. Usually the best images are posted on my Hydrangeas Blue gardening blog.

Happy Spring to those who are feeling it!

Celebrate the Bride in Tropical Style

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beach bridal shower
Starfish Invites
The best way to begin to plan a tropical style bridal shower is to find some unique ideas. The bride may be expecting flip flops and umbrellas, and those are great, but a little digging and searching around the internet may turn up some fun you hadn’t thought of.

Pinterest is a great place to browse. Blogs about real life showers is another. Decorating as if the party would take place in the sunny tropics is essential, even if it’s freezing cold where you live. Bride’s who will travel to a tropical destination to get hitched, will appreciate a beach themed send off.

Start the celebration off right by sending shower invitations that mimic the theme. Seashells and beach sand, and tropical turquoise and aqua colors will do the trick.

The basics of any party are food and drinks, and if you’d like a nice idea of what to serve, I’ve found this fabulous blog post on “The Daily Deelight” which features some fantastic finger food, with pictures included. Your mouth will water. Best of all, most of the food is good for you. The shrimp salad looks delectable, as does the simple hummus stuffed red peppers. The bikini cookies are very cute, as is the cupcake bouquet. The party favors are buckets with goodies and a little umbrella (of course). The page also offers up the simple recipes, so you can recreate the skewered chicken strips with peanut sauce.

The blog is just one of many places to find fun ideas. Creating a lasting memory for the bride is what it’s all about. If party games are your thing, this post at Ooh-La-La So Chic! has some unique games listed. I like the one where the guests form teams and each create a wedding gown, using real fabric, for the bride. Hawaiian prints could take the place of white, for a more casual beach gown contest.

Look for free printable shower games, such as the ones I found at the Wedding Freebies site. The Bingo game looks intriguing. Shower guests fill the board with the names of gifts they guess the bride will get. As she opens her presents, the board is checked to see who lined up the gift list correctly.

Creating a shower that best relates to the bride and her preferences will assure her of a beautiful and lasting memory of her last days as a single gal.

His and Hers Starfish Wedding Shower

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starfish couples shower invitations
Shower for the Couple
His and hers wedding shower invitations with a cute starfish couple. Couple’s showers, sometimes known as a “Jack and Jill”, are parties to celebrate with both the bride and groom. Engagement parties can serve the same purpose, as those are planned for the couple as well.

The wedding shower can take on a theme to match the couple’s wedding plans. Since I write about beach destination celebrations, this new shower invitation contains a design with a starfish couple. Our new By the Sea stationery features pretty, tropical water. You can almost feel that warm sea water lapping at your toes! We’re just getting started, but the set will include all the necessary items for celebrating before, during and after the wedding.

Showers for a couple can take on a specific need the couple has. For instance, if they like to entertain, have a “stock the bar” party and request that gifts fill this need. Monogrammed items or “his and hers” text on towels, pillow cases, and other personal items are a nice idea. The gifts must include both the bride and groom. Usually couples will appreciate something for their home. If they really don’t seem to need anything, perhaps a money tree, or wishing well shower can help them take a more fabulous honeymoon, or go toward a special trip.

There is no limit to the number of showers and pre-wedding parties family and friends can throw. As long as the guest list is split so party-goers won’t have to continue to buy gifts over and over. The Groom’s family can celebrate with the couple and have a party for his side. The same thing can happen with the bride’s family. The Bridesmaids can then have a Bachelorette or Bridal shower if they choose. This way no one goes broke attending shower after shower. Weddings are expensive enough, for everyone involved.