Entrée Selection Reply Cards For a Beach Themed Event

beach wedding menu reply cards

By the Sea Menu Reply Cards

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding, is finding out what the guests will want to eat at the reception. Including an entée selection on the invitation reply cards can take care of that.

As a couple, you have a lot to think about. Will guests be excited about coming to the event? You certainly hope so! Will they feel free to bring uninvited guests along with them? (Believe it or not, some people think that a wedding is a big party, and the more the merrier!) Sometimes it is absolutely imperative to make it clear what is expected. Will you attend? Yes or no, is often not strong enough. In fact I have been asked to make reply cards with an exact number allowed, so guests can reply with a number up to a certain amount. It gives them borders, so they are less likely to take advantage. The RSVP shown here has such a line. If two people are being invited, write a 2 on the card, in the second space. The guests then reply with either a 1 or 2, in the first space. That entire line can also be deleted.

Another good way to subtly get an exact count is to ask guests to number their meal selections. Reply cards with an entrée selection are common, and are necessary when planning the reception dinner menu. We offer these beautiful blue ocean cards (View all By the Sea stationery) to match any beach-themed event, whether for a wedding, or renewing vows ceremony. Use a choice of wording that works best for you.

Besides getting a good idea of which meals guests will choose, listing delicious dinners on the reply card can often excite guests. They will look forward to knowing there is a nice meal included in the celebration.

Some wedding guests may have special needs when it comes to eating. Those people with allergies, or special dietary needs, should have a way to make their needs known. Sometimes an extra line is included on the reply cards for such a need. Of course the guest can include a note with the card, to let the couple know.

We offer many Reply Cards, plain and decorated, to cover many wedding themes.

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