starfish gift bag

Coral and Brown Starfish Gift Bag For Junior Bridesmaid

gift bag wedding starfish
For the Bridal Party
Personalized gift bags for members of the bridal party made lovely gifts. In the theme of the wedding, starfish represent the couple married on a beach. Two areas of custom text are provided for the name and her title. Create one for each of the bridesmaids, the maid-of-honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and even the mothers.

The chunky brown sea star and light coral orange thin star make a cute couple. Bag choices range from this little bag, to larger bags with color choices.

View the Collection of Bridesmaid Gift Bags to personalize.

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tropical lagoon blue ocean

Lagoon Blue, The Color of the Sea As They Say “I Do”

The lagoon blue color is meant to match a tropical sea. Lagoons and turquoise ocean water come to mind when picturing a wedding in the tropics. Designers try very hard to mimic the unique, tropical colors found in the sea. It is used in all areas of wedding planning. From dresses for the bridesmaids, to wedding invitations, the correct color will immediately catch the eye of a buyer.

lagoon blue wedding collection
Click to view the Collection

A few years ago Pantone chose “lagoon blue” as one of it’s prominent design colors. At Sandpiper Wedding we adopted it to create a collection of wedding invitations and matching stationery. It’s more of a green color than blue, but the thought process is to picture a lagoon which contains a lot of green. In the tropics, green water inherently twinkles with some blue. It’s all so pretty, and there are truly hundreds of shades.

Our line of stationery done in this color is still popular after all this time. White plumeria flowers (you may call them frangipani), and white starfish, or sea stars in pure white work well with lagoon blue. The collection is large, and today a plumeria tie was added (shown below).

Hawaiian flowers tie
New Item: White Plumeria Tie

Grooms will look sharp in a floral tie. The green and white also work nicely with khaki and white, colors often chosen to dress the groomsmen.

Ties are not limited to the guys. Some women love ties too. The groom may have to share this one with his new bride.

tropical ocean water
May You Find Your Own Blue Lagoon

And just for fun….. I’ve never had a Blue Lagoon Cocktail, but it sounds delicious.
blue lagoon cocktail
(Thanks to the talented artists and photographers at the Pixabay (free public domain images) site for the tropical images on this page.

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Our Tropical Address Christmas Labels, Stickers and Seals

Our starfish and ocean scene address labels are best sellers, but we also offer Christmas labels with a tropical theme. (This one works for every season!)

starfish ocean address labels
Starfish Couple Return Address

Sorry if you don’t really want to think about the holidays, but this is a simple and inexpensive purchase, and it will add panache to your end of year outgoing mail. In only a few months we will begin to celebrate the Christmas season. It comes earlier each year, and can’t be ignored.

starfish tropical christmas labels
Starfish and Holly

The labels come in three sizes. One is a large shipping label, but the other two can be used as return address. Skinny labels are quite popular, but the medium size labels may work better for those who have a longer address, such as a condo or apartment number. Use four lines, if needed, and don’t let the text get too close to the edge. As is true for almost every product at Zazzle, there is a “bleed line” where the edge can get cut off.
tropical shipping
Jungle Leaves

Looking for something rather non-traditional? Use round and square address stickers to use as envelope seals. Include a Christmas message, as in the round sticker below. All text, including the curved wording at the top and bottom, is easy to change. Or delete it if you prefer no message.
round return address Christmas tropics
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The labels come in three sizes and the stickers offer more options. Each product page gives a good description of what is available. Just click on any of the products above. Or visit our TROPICAL ADDRESS LABELS collection, or our HOLIDAY ADDRESS LABELS collection.

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Pink plumeria wide border invitation

Wide Plumeria Border Introduces the Newlyweds

A beautiful, wide plumeria border makes for a stunning marriage announcement. Lovely pink flowers which grow in the tropics, make this Hawaiian-themed invitation eye-catching. A tiny patterned background, in blue, becomes mint green when felt ecru paper is used (as in the example shown above).

Choose another type of paper, with optional shaped border, to preserve the light blue color (shown below).

light blue plumeria invitation
Basic Paper = Blue Background

Easily create the announcement, invitation, gift registry and reply-to part of the invitation by using the text templates. The Mr. and Mrs. part is dark script and all other text is simple printed font.
Include gift registry store names, or announce that gifts are not necessary. We’ve provided plenty of room for any text you want to use.

Pink plumeria wide border invitation

The pink plumeria border is also featured on another of our “reception only” invitations. The background on this one is a photograph of a beach at low tide. The sample wording is different here, but the idea is the same. To introduce and announce a private wedding. By the time invitees receive this announcement, the couple will have already finished their honeymoon. The idea is to celebrate once they are back home.

plumeria border invitation
Low Tide, Reception Only Invitation

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sandpiper wedding contact

Custom Design Contact Changes at Sandpiper Wedding

Although I have had an open contact-the-designer attitude for nine years, now I must make some changes at Sandpiper Wedding. At Zazzle, the idea is to give buyers, who need some special items created, the option to ask for such items. It’s a good idea. If it worked out as I’d hoped, I’d be making coordinating wedding stationery per customer request, which would increase the size of orders and in turn make me more money. I’d have happy customers with beautiful matching wedding suites, who would be grateful for the personal attention. I would be paid nicely for my time. Win, win.

But it has seldom worked out that way. Because I have wanted to keep an open line of communication with potential buyers, I have patiently answered all types of questions over the years. From shipping times, paper suggestions, and returning items advice, to sizes, prices, discounts, and much more, I have patiently replied. Approximately one out of five contacts are actually about design. And even those requests have lately turned into very small orders.

The idea of the contact was to garner design questions and requests, but I became an extension of Zazzle’s customer support team. A team member who was not paid a penny for her time. That’s right. Those of us who design for Zazzle are not paid an hourly wage. We make money from sales. Up until a few years ago, the Volume Bonus made up for that in my mind. Now the VB is as good as gone, and there is no incentive to continue on like this.

Whenever a customer uses the contact button and asks, “Do envelopes come with this card?”, or “When can I expect to get this item?”, or some other general information, of a designer, that person is working for Zazzle for free! I’ve done it for years. Now, I am stopping.

You may wonder why I allowed contact at all. I had high hopes that I would make referral money, and increase my sales by offering design help. The majority of my contacts do not request design help, and therefore I end up making very little, and truthfully not enough to make it worth my while.

Anther downside to helping via e-mail is the difficulty in understanding exactly what the customer wants. Usually a whole collection of back-and-forth dialog is needed to come up with one simple product design. It is a lot of time spent doing something that the customer may ultimately decide not to buy in the end.

I don’t know anyone who “works” for NO PAY, yet Zazzle expects us to do so. We can turn off customer contact, and that is exactly what I have done for the first time in nine years.

I have a busy life. I can’t afford to sit and answer e-mails, which the Zazzle company should be answering, using it’s paid customer support team. It’s up to Zazzle to come up with a better solution to this problem. Until and unless they do, I regretfully must shut down my communication via my online stores.

My customers are important to me. Anyone needing matching items made, or who have requests for invitations and other stationery, can certainly contact me. This blog gives anyone the ability to do so, but the option is turned off in my online stores. Simply leave a message on the About page and I will reply promptly. If you are unsure of what I can help with, please read the FAQ’s page.

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pillow with big leaves

Pillows With Big Tropical Leaves

Today I am creating some new tropical pillows for my Seashells by Millhill store at Zazzle. I found a nice big single leaf print in the public domain, so I began changing it around for what I needed. As usually happens, my vision of the end product changes throughout the design. First I needed a good leaf to work with and then I needed to isolate the image, or make a transparent background. Once I had the leaf isolated, I could change it’s color and flip it around as needed.

The pillow would be a bold design, and different from others I had seen. When using a public domain image, I like to change it. First of all, I want the design to be as much mine as possible. Second, if another designer uses that image I don’t want our designs to be alike. Making the design unique and better than it began, is my goal.

I am very happy with the throw pillows. Pillow designs are a dime a dozen, but good pillow designs, are most coveted – or I like to think so. Hopefully my customers will be drawn to the work put into this design.

Big Green Jungle Leaves on Aqua Outdoor Pillow
Big Green Jungle Leaves on Aqua Outdoor Pillow by millhill

Once the tropical leaves were in place I gave them various colors and combined them with a couple of different backgrounds. Natural shades of brown and green with golden yellow is a combination that will work in most settings. Simple green and aqua blue combines the color of the jungle with sea water. For a more unique pillow, I offer brighter leaf colors over a wide striped background.

Tropical Leaves Bright Colors on Stripes Outdoor Pillow
Tropical Leaves Bright Colors on Stripes Outdoor Pillow by millhill

For outdoor pillows that can be placed on a deck or porch, choose the outdoor fabric. For sofas or bedrooms, choose the cotton fabric. Square pillows come in two sizes, and the longer lumbar size is also available when the design won’t be affected.

Since pillow designs have been the most stolen images found at Amazon, I have been reluctant to make new pillows. Please be aware as a consumer of the fake items – stolen from hard-working designers – which are for sale at Amazon and all around the internet. If the item seems too cheap to believe, it probably is stolen and being printed overseas on inferior quality material. These thieves are taking money from the original owner, and they don’t care. I fully expect these pillow designs will show up illegally some place they shouldn’t be. Quality pillows, with my designs shown here, can be purchased at Zazzle only.

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Seaside Blue Wedding Suite

The Seaside Blue Hydrangea wedding suite is lovely and appropriate for a beach wedding setting or summer event. See the small selection of what we offer in this beautiful set, in the image link below.

Wedding: Seaside Blue Hydrangea
Wedding: Seaside Blue Hydrangea

Our matching paper plates contain curved, custom text and can be used at the wedding / bridal shower. Customize with the couple’s names, and order in 7 or 9 inch sizes.

Thank you cards, with a custom message inside, can be used to thank guests for their thoughtful gift, or to thank the members of the wedding party for their unwavering support during all the planning and rehearsing. Because you add whatever text needed, it’s possible to include names inside each card to make the message very personal.

The starfish and hydrangea set has two separate designs. Featured here is the blue background color, but beige burlap background is also a choice. The blue on burlap invitation has casual wording and a place to include the reception address. Skinny address labels and postage stamps can also be found in this collection.

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